List of New Plugins/ Extension Development from Magento Exchange

The list of plug-ins given below are  not available in Magento Commence. Magento Exchange developed most of these plug-ins.

The code for these plug-ins is ready. Team is working on fine-tuning these extensions

Feeds export

With this extension we can export activate products to different feed sites like  price-grabber, yahoo! Shopping, Google Base, Shopping etc.

Google Like search

This is very interesting feature.

For instance the user is looking for product ‘chain’ and types ‘chin’ by mistake, then this extension will search for the product database in Magento. If the search does not result in the product then the extension takes help from Google Search and get results for this site and display’s in browser. This helps customers even if he forgets correct spelling of the product.

We have successfully integrated this extension in

Refund in

Magento does not support refund for Authorize.Net. It will refund the amount from merchant account. We have built the extension to include features like:

  • Multiple refunds
  • Refunds after deduction of fees
  • Refunds the amount, excluding the shipping charges

This extension will deduct the amount from the merchant account and credit the customer account.

Customer Form to upload contact form details to Sugar CRM

The current feature of Magento’s Customer form can be used only to send an email. If the customer details are stored in a CRM system, it can be used in various ways like:

This extension will upload the details to Sugar CRM.

Customer Form to upload contact form details to a report

This extension will save the contact form details in magento database and admin will be able to see a report for all the details.

Video player plugin

This extension will have feature to upload product videos to server and these videos can be viewed from customer end.

Video player plugin integrated with Youtube

Since Videos take more bandwidth we can upload the videos to youtube then get the link updated in Magento product page.

From the customer view, he will be able to see the videos for that products played from youtube. This will eliminate any server burdens.

Captcha to admin / customer login pages

For Magento Admin and customer login pages there is no Captcha and any user or any bot can try any no of times. this could be a security issue.

so we will have a extension where all the admin and customer login pages will have a captcha.

SMTP plugin ( Gmail)

Since the evolutions of Google Apps, Many companies are migrating to Google Apps,

Since Google accounts are managed a secure connection, SMTP given by Magento will not work

So we need an SMTP that works with Gmail settings. we are developing this extension to overcome this issue.

Email a Cart

This will be a Good feature where any one can add all the products and save this in their email by sending this cart as Email.

Referrer URLS Report

Many customers will be interested where the customers are coming from, so we are developing an extension where admin can a report for all the referrers to the site.

All in one Seo for Magento

This All in one seo is most popular plugin in wordpress. This has many settings and will automatically generates Meta keywords and Meta description.

So we are developing a Extension to fulfill this requirement.

Social publishing products to twitter / facebook

This feature will auto publish any new products in Magento to Facebook and twitter, this will give an idea to social world.

Copy/ Duplicate Coupons

This feature will Copy existing coupons, that are created in Magneto. This will enable site owners to easily create new coupons codes from existing coupons without much time.


We are also looking for other most popular extensions that are required in today’s market, We request you if you have any such requirement Please post a comment below.

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6 Responses to “List of New Plugins/ Extension Development from Magento Exchange”

  1. Gab says:


    Is the Magento plugin for publishing products to twitter / facebook automatically free?

    Otherwise, what is the fee for this plugin?


  2. Stalin Cruz says:

    Hi Gab,
    We have developed these plug-ins and most of them will be for free . The development team is enhancing these plug-ins with little fine-tuning. The downloads will be available shortly.

  3. Thanks for the list!

    It seems that Magento is the WordPress of shopping cart software. :-)

    We developed a Magento plugin that allows each buyer to become an affiliate with their Twitter and Facebook account. We’re still in Beta with it.

  4. David Bunker says:

    How soon will these be available? I’m very interested in your extension.

  5. Miro Mitov says:


    any update on the twitter auto publish component? this would be awesome!

    Regards, Miro

  6. Hello there! Do you know if they make any plugins to help with SEO? I’m trying to get my blog to rank for some targeted keywords but I’m not seeing very good success. If you know of any please share. Thank you!

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